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Having practised yoga for 20 years, I have felt the positive effect it has had on my body and more importantly my mind. I originally practiced Astanga and Jivamukti yoga and gained invaluable insight into traditional Hatha style yoga postures and the body’s response to these.

However I always found myself never fully committing to any one practise. In 2012 after having two babies and loosing my father I also broke up with my husband. I was struggling to find ways to cope with my anxiety and stress and was sometimes turning to the bottle and other substances to numb the pain. I was looking and searching for some spiritual way to get out of the fog and like a miracle along came Kundalini! I discovered very quickly how powerful this practice was. For the first time I realised the connection between the practice of yoga, raised consciousness and heightened awareness. After practising for a few months I realised I wanted to explore Kundalini further and started my teacher training. This is also how I discovered the wonder of The Gong. This has unlocked a deep disovery of sound in me and allowed new pathways of change.

My best testimonial of the power and joy of Kundalini is how it kept me sane over the very sudden and shocking death of my mother. Without this practise I could have spiralled into a very dark place but I knew I could find solace and support in Kundalini and it kept a little light of joy inside my heart, when the world felt like it was crashing down around me.

In a nutshell it has unlocked my mind and allowed me to process and transform parts of myself I hadn’t accessed before. It allows me to stay focused and aware and I continue to feel the transformative effect it has on all aspects of my life. Most importantly it makes me smile and it keeps me calm.

Lucy is a certified Level 1 and 2 Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She trained under the teachings of Yogi Bhajan with the Karam Kriya School in London and Chiv Charan in Portugal.

Lucy has also trained with Carolyn Cowan in “Mastering the addictive personality’.

She has completed Gong training with Mark Swain and intensive Gong and Sound Therapy with Tone of Life Gongs in Poland.

Lucy is passionate about the power of Kundalini and wants to help others achieve mind, body and spirit balance so they can become aware and unlock their true selves. Her classes are intimate and personal and take place in her home. She also offers Sound Healing with the Gong and other instruments, and this is sometimes incorporated into classes and workshops or can be used for one on one healing.

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